We Don’t Eat Whale at Blue Whale Fish farm ShuiYue Leisure Blue Whale Fish Farm

ShuiYue Leisure Blue Whale Fish Farm

To receive and carry on the unfulfilled dream and aspiration of his father, the owner has started to reconstruct and renovate the abandoned warehouse in the year of 2017. Without blueprint and draft, the abandoned warehouse is transformed into a dreamy industrial-style house and bit by bit become the Blue Whale Fish farm we see today.

Natural sea water is brought in to the fish farm to build the most primitive and natural ecological environment for friendly breeding the groupers, mullets and etc., which is why the cultured fish, shellfish and shrimps are fresh and sweet in flavor and plump in texture. The fish farm combines the native, seasonal ingredients of Zhubei with homebred seafood based on the idea of “direct delivery to the place of origin, fresh without time difference” to cook the catch of the day and develop diverse dainty dishes. Fish and eat your own dish, the wonderful taste can be perceived.

Awesome place, excellent ingredients, wonderful dishes are made with the most attentive heart.


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Learn Local Dishes in Rural Village, Recognize the Taste of Taiwan!

The content of the tour launched by ShuiYue Leisure Blue Whale Fish farm upon combining local famers of Zhubei includes food and fish education, farming experience, culinary teaching and exquisite specialty souvenir, gathering the unique charm and appearance of Zhubei’s fishery to the fullest. The exclusive originality of fish farming is even more splendid: the 70 to 80 cm long shoal of orange spotted groupers swim beside your feet, the innovative non-toothed fishing allows the visitors to experience the excitement of fighting and struggling with big fish, to enjoy the fun of battle against the fish at the fish farm and experience the traditional lifestyle of Hsinchu’s fish house by the sea.

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No. 51-1, Ln. 69, Sec. 1, Xibin Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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