Young couple Lin Yan Qian and Peng Jieru
are the owners of 92 Siang Yang Ka Fei Zhuang Yuan.
Siang Yang Ka Fei Ihuang Yuan
Siang Yang Ka Fei Ihuang Yuan

The Sep 21 earthquake of 1999 knocked down all the betel nut trees in Guoxing Township and altered the landscape. 6 months later, Lin Yan Qian found a plant freshly growing in the disaster zone of Jiufen Ershan. Upon learning that it was a coffee plant, he went home to discuss the issue with his father who believed that this was God’s will and decided to switch to coffee farming.


In 2000, Lin Yan Qian planted the first coffee plant in Guoxing Township. In 2004, he called upon his fellow villagers to set up the first coffee production and marketing course in Guoxing Township, and began quantitative production of coffee beans. In three years’ time he finally produced locally grown, locally roasted coffee that catered to the satisfaction of everyone, gradually making Guoxing coffee a household name.

Coffee originating from every locale possesses its own regional flavor. Due to the fertile soil and high-altitudinal environment of Guoxing Township, the coffee has a unique flavor with a multi-layered fruity sweet aroma. Siang Yang coffee grows at an altitude of 800 to 1,000 meters in Jiufen Ershan, and the cultivation and management of the coffee is preceded by the cultivation of organic mycorrhizal, followed by manual harvesting of the fruits, and the subsequent screening and roasting is controlled by data-driven post-processing. In 2015 the brand won first place in Asia for the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s CQI evaluation, and also won Grand Prize of the Taiwan National Fine Coffee Bean Evaluation within the same year. The brand has won consecutive Grand Prize or First Prize in the Nantou County Coffee Evaluation from 2018 to 2021.



Siang Yang coffee produces a variety of flavors through diverse forms of processing, such as washed beans that are pure and bright with a fruity flavor, honey-processed beans that retain the outer layer of pectin after picking and are rich and sweet, smooth sun-dried beans with a slight aroma of wine; and golden beans that are hand-picked from 6% of rare beans that emit a nutty flavor.

The champion-winning Guoxing coffee offers a choice between single-origin black coffee and specialty coffee. Adjacent to the estate lies a planned coffee experience area where various coffee trees such as Geisha coffee and Arabica are grown. The estate links the coffee industry with Hakka culture, with the owner leading visitors on a tour to learn about coffee starting from the coffee plant. Additionally, the estate offers DIY activities such as making coffee bean photo frames and coffee jelly. There are also plans for coffee bean roasting experiences, using an old-fashioned roasting method similar to popping corn, which makes a fun and enjoyable “pop pop” sound.


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+886- 04 9272 1430


No. 206-5, Sec. 1, Zhongzheng Rd., Guoxing Township, Nantou County 544004 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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