Succulent Plants & Ecological Park Gourmet, Cats, and Succulents Create a Healing Paradise
Succulent Plants & Ecological Park

A wooden gate adorned with black cactus motifs, what looks like a boutique hotel is actually a surprising Succulent Central.


The ” Institute of Succulent Cultivation Research ” has thousands of succulents planted in the greenhouse. The area is filled with cacti and agaves, resembling a tropical botanical garden with beautiful scenery. The owners, Zhang Jianjun and Zhong Jiaqi, both picked up farming late in life. They broke free of traditional thinking, and used gardening and cultural creativity to “make succulents more than succulents,” creating an oasis of healing and inspiring a different kind of agricultural tourism experience. For example, customers can make DIY cement pots, get hands-on with succulents, and revitalize the tired body and mind in the purest of ways.

The orchard adopts non-toxic practices. In addition to large crops such as fan cacti, aloe vera, and agaves, the greenhouse at the end is planted with thousands of healing plants of diverse variety. The two owners constantly ponder, “What else can succulents become?” They refined signature dishes and even got certified as horticultural therapists, pioneering an economy of healing. They hope to spread warmth through their cacti, enabling people to live enjoyably and happily.

The ” Institute of Succulent Cultivation Research ” has gone viral online. Zhang Jianjun and Zhong Jiaqi created their own brand and opened a restaurant, generating buzz through their service, and expanded the production area of succulent crops.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


Zhang Jianjun mentioned that he developed a fondness for succulents a decade ago. Being an enthusiast of the culinary arts, he sought guidance from friends and family, watched online tutorials, and tried incorporating cacti into his cooking. He innovated specialty dishes. He hopes that succulents can transcend mere visual enjoyment and also serve to tantalize the taste buds, allowing others to share in the allure of the succulents.

The menu boasts a plethora of options, ranging from light snacks, dessert, fried delicacies, to refreshing beverages. Cactus pizza, topped with cheese and an exclusive salsa sauce, displays a delightful blend of sour and sweet that stimulates the palate. The cactus hotpot offers a refreshing and non-greasy dining experience. Furthermore, the orchard features adorable cactus-shaped macarons that are crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, with a healthy hint of sweetness. Not to be missed are the uniquely crafted potted chiffon cakes, which are a must-have for influencers.

Meanwhile, Zhong Jiaqi showcases her artistic flair and prowess in visual design by crafting a myriad of moai sculptures in various sizes. They are scattered across the park, ensuring visitors encounter delightful surprises at every turn. Concurrently, the park offers immersive experiences such as DIY cement flower pots and succulent arrangement workshops, enabling visitors to create cherished mementos while reveling in the park’s ambiance, perfect for personal use or gifting.


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