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Sungert Of Farm

The “Sungert Of Farm” is located in the Shidingshan District, New Taipei City. The main building made of stone was built in 1899.


The “Sungert Of Farm” is located in the Shidingshan District, New Taipei City. The main building made of stone was built in 1899. During the period of Japanese occupation, it served as the Japanese officers’ club. After the end of the war, it became the Taiyang Coal Mine Office. Due to the quiet environment and excellent water quality nearby, it is very suitable for the cultivation of Lingzhi. In 1972, a variety of Lingzhi products were cultivated, mainly centred upon the special variety “Staghorn Lingzhi”.


The fruiting body Lingzhi (the whole Lingzhi formed by the complete differentiation of fungi) is cultivated in the field. It takes 180 to 320 days to cultivate depending on the different strains. The entire Lingzhi plant contains fruiting bodies, spores and mycelium. It contains trace elements, organic germanium, high-molecular polysaccharide unique to Lingzhi, adenosine, etc. There are more than 30 to 40 species, and thousands of years of proof exists of their medicinal properties. Over 30 years of extraction technology gives us the rare and precious Lingzhi. There are many products at Sungert. There are at least fifty or sixty kinds of products, such as Lingzhi coffee, Lingzhi tea, Lingzhi capsules, Lingzi soup, etc., which are all very popular. Lingzhi toothpaste is the easiest product for consumers to obtain, costing NT$ 150 each. Many people have the preconception that Lingzhi is expensive, but leave with their hands full of Lingzhi products, even haling Sungert as the Lingzhi store with the most affordable prices and the best quality items.

Features of Agricultural Tourism

Fragrant Herb Grass Dye

Among the processed items are Lingzhi tea bags, Lingzhi toothpaste, black fungus dew, dried shiitake mushrooms, etc. In addition to being for sale, they are also provided for consumption. The most popular dish in the restaurant is “Silkie Chicken Lingzhi soup”, which needs to be boiled for two days, and tastes slightly bitter-sweet. the Lingzhi Yuhuang Health Pot is made from 28 kinds of medicinal materials and 5 kinds of Lingzhi, prepared by the ancient method and is extremely precious. Lingzhi water is also used to replace the broth in this dish.

Lingzhi is not only used in dishes, but also appears in various forms for afternoon tea – Lingzhi tea, Lingzhi coffee, and various Lingzhi desserts. Homestays are also available, where one can pick Lingzhi or even take a Lingzhi bath. There are also half-day and full-day Lingzhi tours, where food and lodging is provided. Lingzhi may be picked in spring and autumn, and various DIY experiences such as herb and Lingzhi picking, as well as footbath in the spring water are available.


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No. 52-1, Shibachongxi, Shiding Dist., New Taipei City


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