Visitors can take a short train ride from Taiwan Sugar Railways to see cows in their natural home. The rural scenery on the way is relaxing.
The Cow’s Home
“Where is the train going? Let’s go watch cows!” Tainan Xinying Sugar Factory Baweng Route is the longest existing Taiwan Sugar Railway Mini-Train Route…


“Where is the train going? Let’s go watch cows!” Tainan Xinying Sugar Factory Baweng Route is the longest existing Taiwan Sugar Railway Mini-Train Route. About 5.6 km long, completing the route takes about 40 minutes. Having a restored Taiwan Sugar Railway route is rare today when most of the railways have been torn down, but this route starts from Xinyin, passes Zhongxing, and ends at Balauye Station, a dairy zone in Liuying, where The Cow’s Home is located.
The owner of the Farm, 62-year-old Tsai Yung-Ching, was born here During the 1980s and 1990s, Liuying Baweng Dairy Zone was at its prime. Tsai Yung-Ching laughed, saying “People would encounter cows everywhere on the road.” The Cow’s Home mainly raises black and white Dutch cows and is also one of the sources of raw milk. The farm also raises a small number of other cows such as Juanshan cows, Swiss brown cows, Gengsai cows, Erschians, and shorthorn cows for their milk. A gentle temperament is a feature they share. They are not shy due to their constant exposure to people, and will respond to the calls of guests with gentle and lazy eyes. The neighbors here are almost all dairy farmers, so you get the wonderful feeling of being constantly surrounded by cattle.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


The cow`s home of dairy cows undergo low temperature sterilization at 65 to 70 degrees Celsius, which does not affect the minerals and vitamins and preserves the original flavor. Pudding is made with fresh milk and eggs without a drop of water. Fresh milk is served with buns made of old dough. Steamed buns and buns of unique flavors, as well as cheese, egg rolls, milk candies and others are served. The ranch also has a variety of highly popular cow-styled mugs.

The cute cows, sheep, horses, rabbits, pigs, alpacas, etc in the farm area are highly popular. Children can feed the animals with milk, pasture, carrots, among others, and poultry and birds are available for tourists to watch. In addition, the children In the play area can play with the prepared traditional and modern toys and tricycles. There is also a water play area in summer. There are also several old trailers in the park for dining. Visitors can enjoy some milk, hot pot, nostalgic bento and other delicacies when they are tired. Cow dung is used to make organic fertilizer for the fruit trees in the farm, which will be open to the public for some fruit-picking experience in the future.


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No. 93-138 , Liuying Dist., Tainan City 736 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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