Feeling nostalgic for his hometown, this farmer protects his 60-year-old house Tongxiao Sanheyuan Farm
Tongxiao Sanheyuan Farm
The Fujian-style Sanheyuan established more than 60 years sits quietly in a small town in Tongxiao, Miaoli.
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The Fujian-style Sanheyuan established more than 60 years sits quietly in a small town in Tongxiao, Miaoli. Each brick and tile was laid by Chang Ching-Chuan’s father, full of love and with care for his family. This is where he spent most of his childhood. After moving away he decided to return home to renovate the old Sanheyuan with his wife, Cheng Tzu-Tung. Applying for legal B&B license.
Sanheyuan house is full of memories, the host of the B&B is making tea, chatting, and eating melon seeds in the living room. When the sun sets, the kitchen oven gives off rich rice fragrance. People gather to enjoy their dinner. They dine at the red round wooden table, reminiscent of an old country home. The B&B now, unexpectedly, attracts many young people to take a trip down memory lane. By knowing and experiencing traditional buildings, they become more connected with their elderly relatives.



Zhang and his wife uphold the spirit of sustainable living, allowing guests to enjoy an afternoon feast in the forest, where bamboo is made into playthings, and bamboo pole dancing, making bamboo rice, and painting bamboo cups are all part of the experience. The circular economy emphasized by his wife Zheng Zitong is exemplified by the use of the Australian tea tree harvesting process, through pruning, cleaning and distillation, to create a DIY experience of aromatic candles.

In addition to the narrative guide, another special feature is the tasting of authentic meals in the courtyard, while reminiscing about the childhood memory of eating at your grandma’s house. The rural Hakka cuisine comes from the local farmers and is made from bamboo shoots which are healthy and chemical-free. With the addition of DIY crops and season-specific foodstuff, people of any generation are free to enjoy a taste of reminiscence.
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No. 9-1, Zhongzheng Rd., Tongxiao Township, Miaoli County 357 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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