Germans are also welcome to visit the Green Kitchen Toucheng Leisure Farm

Toucheng Leisure Farm

Covering 120 hectares of land, the Toucheng Farm is characterized by biodiversity and rich natural resources. The farm is equipped with comfy guest rooms, multi-functional conference rooms, a restaurant, an outdoor educational center, an organic Makino bamboo forest, an organic vegetables garden and a fruit tree zone. The farm’s food and farming class, field trip and ecological mountain workshop are highly popular.

I personally am a fan of organic agriculture and an explorer of Taiwanese culture.
I invite everybody to come and visit Toucheng Leisure Farm to experience organic farming and learn culinary arts from me.


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Learn Local Dishes in Rural Village, Recognize the Taste of Taiwan!

Based on the core theme of “healthy food and eco-friendly agriculture”, this tour package combines native fresh ingredients from the mountain and sea. Through practical experience program which includes tracing back to the source of harbor catch, organic farming and food cooking experience, a short trip full of mountain and sea ingredients for people of all ages is outlined and launched. Led by professional Swiss chef, the tour allows visitors to gain an understanding of the sea and ocean, get close to the land, and to prepare delectable dishes that are both environmentally-friendly to the environment and beneficial to human body through culinary learning.

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No.125-1 Gensin Rd., Touchen Township, Yilan County


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