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agricultural activities to Ocean at Yunbin
Tourists center of Village
Neighborhood vendors in Kouhu
Tourists center of Village Neighborhood vendors in Kouhu

Kouhu Township, Yunlin County is an important town for raising eels in the country. The white “Kouhu Visitor Center” building is designed with the image of waterbirds flying together in mind. The “Sea Admiral’s Crown” is an installation artpiece that is renowned online.


The rural community shop is located in the tourist center. Small and simple, it constitutes the service centre for the Jinhu Leisure Agriculture Area, attracting 100,000 visitors every year. The shelves are filled with hundreds of exquisite agricultural products, bearing the slogan ” Fishery deep in the farm, have fun at Yunbin”

Cai Yunshan, operation manager of the community shop, is the heart and soul of the establishment. She has been involved in the development of the leisure area since 2006. After establishing the community shop in 2017, she created the brand “KanKuRen” to provide a platform for local high-quality agricultural and fishery products, while simultaneously promoting environmental-friendly agricultural tourism. Her efforts were recognized by the National Rural Pioneer Award in the year 2022.


The “Jinhu Leisure Agriculture Zone” covers an area of ​​about 570 hectares, where black beans, soybeans, sweet potatoes, and grain are planted, and eel, giant grouper, and white shrimp are farmed. The agricultural and fishery products are quite diverse. Planted and grown through eco-friendly practices, farmers switched to natural farming methods one after the other, and applied for production and sales certifications, thereby achieving balance with the local ecology, as well as becoming the prime example of a culture of fish-eating and agro-food education.

In addition, there are Kabayaki eel, shrimp crisps, Instant noodles with shrimp, square wheat crisps, red quinoa bran, flora honey, bitter tea, sesame oil, among others. The community shop has designed a “KanKuRen” four-season gift box. All four styles have their distinct characteristics, and are the best-selling items in the shop.

Features of Agricultural Tourism

Fish Farming

Cai Yunshan says that operating under the common brand of “Kankuren” ensures farmers and fishermen do not have to worry about managing production and sales on their own. They don’t have to struggle alone because they have each others‘ backs! Consumers can learn about the origin of ingredients through the agricultural tourism link. They get to know the journey the food takes from the place of origin to the dining table, so they can eat and make purchase with peace of mind.

The “Community Shop” is divided into catering, tours, and marketing, which take care of the development of the six-levels of industry in the leisure area. There are also a range of experience activities. Internally, there are plant rubbings and having fun in the ecological pools. Externally the focus is on collaboration with the horseshoe clam-themed centre, Haw Xia Jiong Men‘s Club, Shengxuan Aquatic Products and other venues, providing the opportunity for clam-touching, catching shrimp, fishing, and DIY handicraft. You can also savor the most authentic special cuisines here.


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No. 163, Guangming Rd., Kouhu Township, Yunlin County 653002 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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