Entrepreneurship Of The Returning Youth, Innovative Scallion Pastry Bread - Freshly Baked for Crispy Delight True Me Farm

Visiting “True Me Farm” offers the chance to step into the role of a scallion farmer and even a fruit farmer harvesting tree grapes. Adding to the experience are the winter willows and the opportunity to create innovative scallion pastry bread, instantaneously transforming you into a bread artisan.

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“True Me” stands out among the numerous scallion farms as the only farm in the Sanxing area of Yilan County where visitors can experience innovative scallion bread. In addition to harvesting Sanxing scallions, the farm also cultivates crops such as tree grapes and willows. Situated on over six acres of land, the farm has been owned by the Lee family for generations. Upon returning to his hometown to start a business, and after several years of learning the trade, Lee Hongchang has managed to run the farm successfully and earn praise from visitors.

The scallions here are the Xiao Xiang variety, known as Lanyang No. 1. Lee Hongchang explains that while this variety may appear less robust when compared to the common image of large, white Sanxing scallions, it actually constitutes the original variety of Sanxing scallion. Lanyang No. 1 is characterized by its tender texture and strong scallion flavor, making it suitable for standalone dishes rather than just being used as a garnish. In the hotter summer months, the flavor of the scallions becomes more intense, while in winter they produce a thick nutritious juice, increasing their appeal.

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Most farms in the Sanxing area offer DIY scallion pancakes, but Lee Hongchang, the owner of “True Me” farm, sought the tutelage of many bread masters to distinguish his farm from the rest. After substantial effort, he has finally crafted a unique recipe that allows visitors to savor unique scallion pastry bread. Unlike the conventional type of scallion bread with scallions sprinkled on top, it instead features a crispy pastry exterior with generous fillings of scallions. Visitors can also unleash their creativity to create their own distinct scallion bread. From the farm to the dining table, it’s a hands-on experience that brings you closer to the source.

In addition to the scallion bread-making experience, the farm boasts a vast plantation of tree grapes, with fruits bursting with sweet and tangy flavors that appeal to both adults and children alike. Furthermore, on the Christmas eve during winter, “True Me” offers another notable agricultural Sanxing product— the harvesting of winter willows. The Taiwanese pronunciation of willow sounds similar to “silver,” and since they can be preserved for extended periods of time during the flowering season, they serve as excellent decorations for the Lunar New Year. This is a seasonal activity that should not be missed if you visit during the willow flowering season.

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+886- 0928 576 801


No.13, Dongxing Rd.
Sanxing Township, Yilan County 266001
Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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