The journey from the soil to the dining table
Designated ingredients of the star chef
Vanilla Ueno Park

Located in Daxi Zhongzhuang, Taoyuan, the “Vanilla Ueno Park” mainly grows cucumbers, leeks and herbs…

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Located in Daxi Zhongzhuang, Taoyuan, the “Vanilla Ueno Park” mainly grows cucumbers, leeks and herbs. The appearance of the farm is low-key and simple, but it is the origin of many designated ingredients of the chefs of many star-rated restaurants. Vanilla Ueno Park was founded by the three brothers of the Lin family. All three have experience working and studying abroad. The brothers are responsible for agricultural technology or processed products. Third brother, Lin Zhanjiang, is responsible for marketing and integration of local resources. This division of labor has led to the brothers’ dream growing into an 8-hectare farm.


The leek that are abundant in Zhongliao Island are also the main produce of the Vanilla Ueno Park. Generally, leeks are planted with heavy pesticides and fertilizers, which are harmful to the ecology and the environment. Vanilla Ueno Park started with organic leeks, taking the lead in the transition to organic leek farming by sharing planting techniques with the local community. Since its establishment as an organic farm, Vanilla Ueno Park has grown oregon, rosemary, lavender, geranium, 8 kinds of mint herbs, and edible flowers. These fruits and vegetables have opened up major commercial channels, especially comb melons, which come in 5 colors including white, turquoise, and orange, as well as squash. The high-quality ingredients are sought after by Michelin star and Italian Gambero Russo restaurants.



The Wild Herb Garden combines the characteristics of the farm, local stories, and surrounding attractions, into a variety of agricultural tours. To experience farming and harvesting, leek harvesting is available throughout the year, wax gourds in June and July, cucumbers in August and September, and strawberries from December to April of the following year. The event is co-organized by a number of local Qingnong farms. A journey from the place of origin to the dining table enables tourists to learn about the source of the ingredients, promoting food and agriculture education while also showcasing the local culture. After a guided tour of the farm, experience farming, make homemade green olive sauce, and serve it with focaccia bread.

The highlight of the event is the cooking experience of seasonal specialties, including cucumber soup, herb omelette, steamed sea bass, herb rice, seasonal vegetables and herb tea, where fresh local ingredients are cooked on the spot. Interestingly, these cooking practices are taught by the chefs of the participating restaurants themselves.

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No. 20-3, Zhongzhuangxiakan, Daxi Dist., Taoyuan City



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