Experience the joy of mushroom planting
and cooking in Stone Tribe

YAMAI-Tribe originated from the YangShen Association, then set up WuFeng Hunter School to promote the culture of their tribe. 

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YAMAI-Tribe originated from the YangShen Association, then set up WuFeng Hunter School to promote the culture of their tribe. To give visitors a more diverse experience, the YAMAI-Tribe was established in recent years, introducing the nomadic Tayal culture, giving visitors a glimpse into the beauty of the tribe, and also showing them the log mushrooms which used to be a traditional agriproduct of the tribe. It shows the way of traditional farming of the mushrooms, and a better understanding of the journey from soil to dining table.


The YAMAI-Tribe plants the mushrooms with segments of Liquidambar and Elaeocarpus sylvestris, with mycelium inserted into drilled holes, then erected in segments so that the mushrooms could absorb the lignin in the wood, and irrigated via the stream next to the tribe. Manual pest control is adopted for a more environmentally friendly pest control method. The mushrooms grown in the farm include four-season mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms. The four-season mushrooms can be grown all year round, while the shiitake mushrooms grow every 40 days from October to April of the following year. Although the growth rate is fast, it is richer in nutrients. In addition, the mushroom flesh is thick, pulpy and chewy, the aroma is stronger, and the price is higher as compared to summer mushrooms. The harvested mushrooms will be immediately placed on the layered net, the discarded pieces of wood are used as firewood to dry the mushrooms. The process is quite time-consuming and takes a day to complete.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


Natural harvest DIY Mushroom Planting is endless fun

To offer visitors a chance to experience traditional planting methods of mushrooms for themselves, the specially crafted DIY mushroom-planting event will include wooden logs for visitors to drill into and insert spores themselves. Every autumn around October, which is the time of harvest for mushrooms, visitors can even pick the mushrooms. Then the master chef of the tribe will lead everyone in cooking up mushroom recipes such as mushroom buns, mushroom dumplings, and paired with wild pepper and tana to make tana mushroom chicken soup, shrimp balls marinated in mushroom, bamboo mushroom rice, etc. One can also enjoy freshly picked and grilled mushrooms at the BBQ area.

The YAMAI Tribe also uses the picked mushrooms to create dried mushrooms, mushroom sauce, mushroom buns, and souvenirs so that visitors can bring that exquisite taste of mushroom back home.

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No. 195, Neighborhood 10, Da’ai, Wufeng Township, Hsinchu County



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