With four kinds of passion fruit and one acre of chayote vines, the farm is the largest kingdom for fruit and vegetables in Northern Taiwan.
Yang Ron Farm
Kuo Kuo-Liang was born into a poor family. As the elder of seven brothers and sisters, he learned to grow vegetables before going to school. He had experienced …
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Kuo Kuo-Liang was born into a poor family. As the elder of seven brothers and sisters, he learned to grow vegetables before going to school. He had experienced the hard times of crops being flooded by the river. When he was young, he was engaged in the agricultural trade. After retiring, he returned to his hometown to fulfill his dream of becoming a farmer. Originally, he just wanted to raise chicken and grow fruit self-sufficiently. He did not expect to keep growing the farm. The 2.5-acre farm contains fruit, vegetables, and livestock. It only took him two years to equip the farm with all the farm-to-table activities for visitors to experience.
Located by Tianzi River, Dayuan, Taoyuan, the farm is near Taoyuan International Airport. Kuo Kuo-Liang’s dream was to turn his farm into “a gate” for more international tourists to experience the beauty of rural villages. Tens of varieties of fruit and vegetables are available each season. One of the farm’s features is to provide fresh fruit for tourists to pick and taste.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


The owner grows fruits and vegetables “without failure” and turns passion fruit into a bouquet.
Being poor in his childhood, Kuo Kuo-Liang has a unique affection with the land and grow fruits and vegetables “almost without failure.” The farm is most famous for its four kinds of passion fruits. He develops a new kind of planting method by cutting off the second half of the indigenous branch and planting it with the mature branch. That side would start sprouting and yielding fruit. These passion fruit trees are like bouquets with branches interlocking with one another, producing an abundance of fruit. This way, the farmer can harvest rapidly, saving at least six months of time. One tree yields about 700 pieces of fruit a year. The whole farm harvests 5,000 kilograms a year. The vines of the passion fruit trees have become beautiful scenery on the balcony in their own right.

The one acre of chayote vines is the largest in Northern Taiwan. Initially, Kuo Kuo-Liang visited Hualien to learn from them. Generally, chayote vines are grown in frames. He creates a way to grow papayas to build shades for the vegetables. The area of papayas has expanded with the vegetable farm. They can be picked, eaten directly, or added as ingredients to other dishes. The farm teaches tourists how to make papaya salad. Visitors can also adopt a papaya tree at the farm for NT$1200/tree. It yields hundreds of papayas yearly. They are welcomed to visit their papaya trees anytime to observe them from blooming to yielding fruit.
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No. 1, Sec. 2, Huaxing Rd., Dayuan Dist., Taoyuan City 337 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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