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Yilan Jhongshan Leisure Agriculture
Area Development Association
Yilan Jhongshan Leisure Agriculture Area Development Association

Zhongshan Leisure Agriculture Zone was established in 2001. It is the first show farm of recreational agriculture in Taiwan.

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Zhongshan Leisure Agriculture Zone was established in 2001. It is the first show farm of recreational agriculture in Taiwan. The agricultural zone is located in the upper reaches of the Dongshan River, where tea trees and Wendan are the main agriculture. Among them, the 200 hectares of frangipani tea is the most famous, and the imagery in the area is in the shape of “a heart and two leaves”. There are a large number of springs and flowing streams, such as Xiaopi Lake, Meihua Lake, Maruyama, etc., which are all formed by natural springs. The natural landscape and natural water resources contain a unique ecology.

The tea on the farm is mostly “Pomelo Flower Oolong”, which is made from fresh pomelo flowers produced in Dongshan, Yilan, and carefully selected fragrant oolong. It is baked at a low temperature to retain the sweetness of green tea and the wild fragrance of pomelo flowers. The “Osmanthus Oolong” tea is clear and bright, with an elegant aroma of sweet-scented Osmanthus. “Qingxin Oolong” tea soup is fragrant and sweet, and can be drunk on its own. The tea soup of “Wuhou Gonghong” is translucent like a gemstone, delicate and fragrant with nectar. The tea is sweet in the throat, and the taste is wholesome and not bitter. The traditional method of preparing “Agarwood Yulu” is to roast with longan charcoal. The fullness of flavor that envelops the throat leaves the tongue with an unforgettable delicate sweetness. Chairman Lin Changhui says, “farmers that share an understanding, and are willing to work hard” is the main reason ZhongShan Leisure Zone has become the model representative of these farms.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


More than 30 businesses operate within the area. The fragrance of pomelo and tea serves as a keynote, under which homestays, rural experiences and farm dishes are provided. Each experience is interesting and different. “I Cha Farm” is tea that complies with TGAP. Tea leaves, tea vinegar, freshly fried tea cakes, pomelo flower health tea experience and other activities are available in “Zen Mountain Health Farm”.

In addition, there are hand-fried tea from “Shyang Yeu Organic Farm”, cloth dyed with tea in “Gu Yi Living Arts Gallery”, green tea ice cream and DIY tea pillows from “Xing Yuen Tea Farm”, and green tea cakes and tea from “Fang Yue Tea Garden”. DIY green tea pineapple cakes and homemade snacks are also unique to the tea garden. The organic green tea Aiyu from “Lu Ye Shen Zong Organic Farm”, the hand-made green tea mochi from “Xinshan Tea Farm”, the tea-smoked eggs from “Eshan Tea Garden”, DIY green tea powder circle DIY from “New Century Farm”, DIY tea jelly sculpture from “Liuye Tea Farm”, etc. The possibilities of tea are endless.

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No. 260, Zhongshan Rd., Dongshan Township, Yilan County


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