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On the road from Luodong to Sanxing, on the left at the front of Sanxing Bridge, you will catch a glimpse of the Yilan Sanxing Scallion signboard in the distance.

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This is the pear farm that Jiang Shixian, who returned to his hometown of Sanxing after working in business abroad for many years, took over from his parents. He transformed the farm into a scallion farm that can be harvested all year round. Jiang Shixian added an experience itinerary into what was a simple farm, so that visitors can try their hand at being farmers picking and planting scallion, as well as make scallion pancakes by themselves which are delicious, fun and make for great pictures.

The first stop after arriving at the farm is the making of DIY scallion pancakes. Knead the dough flat and thin, then wrap in chopped scallion. Decide how much scallion you would like, you can have however much you want! While waiting for your respective scallion pancakes to fry, put on your rain boots and bamboo hats, and go into the field with the farmer leading the way, and pull out the famous scallion with your own two hands. The strength involved is crucial, too light you unable to pull it up, too strong you risk damaging the scallion. You see the originally green scallion flash white as it emerges from the soil, you cannot help but feel immense satisfaction. After that, rinse the scallion, remove the yellow, withered parts, arrange them one by one, and you have the scallion you normally see in the market!

Features of Agricultural Tourism


By now the DIY scallion pancakes should be done, and you may feast while it’s hot. If pancakes alone are not enough, the farm also provides grilled chicken. Stuffed with scallion in its stomach, the roasted chicken fresh out of the kiln is dipped with aromatic chicken oil, guaranteed to be eaten up in a couple of bites.

Ancient costumes are available on the farm. Put them on and take beautiful pictures on the farm, or go into the field to feed little lambs, sika deer, mini pigs and more, a treat for adults and children alike. In addition, there are oil-paper umbrellas and pottery painting activities to choose from.

Jiang ShiXian feels that the self-grown scallions are often not enough for the farm, and so he calls upon the scallion farmers in the neighborhood to come together as commentators. The scallion farmers bring tourists to their scallion fields, and they spend their time happily pulling and washing scallions. The farmers are thrilled to have people helping with the scallions, saving manpower and costs, a win-win situation.


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No. 16, Sec. 2, Annong S. Rd., Sanxing Township, Yilan County 266006 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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