Yu He Xuan Dou Rou Yi Jan A Haven of Healing Peach Blossom in the Land of the Water CHestnut
Yu He Xuan Dou Rou Yi Jan

    When you come to Guantian, Tainan, take Exit 84 from the National Highway and proceeds along Route 84 towards the GuanTian, passing the Da Nei Military Training Center. Turn off the main road into a narrow path, winding through households and bends, where swaying reeds and bamboo greet the traveler. Amidst this serene landscape, the bamboo signboard of “Yu He Xuan” catches the eye, bathed in sunlight and radiating an inviting allure, reminiscent of a journey into a peach blossom paradise.


The proprietors, Zhuang He Yi and her husband, quit their jobs at a printing factory to embrace the life of a farmer. They now tend to over ten thousand pots of succulents and cacti at the “Yu He Xuan Dou Rou Yi Jan.” Spanning over a thousand pyong, the greenhouse shelters seven to eight hundred succulent varieties, totaling over ten thousand specimens. Among them are green spheres bristling with needles and strains blooming like flowers, each a precious treasure selected with care and dutifully nurtured. Succulent enthusiasts find themselves captivated by their round and vibrant appearance and eager to learn more, while newcomers cannot help but feel a sense of amazement.

“They are like my children,” Zhuang He Yi remarks, meticulously caring for each plant, steadfast in her commitment to only using organic fertilizer to nurture the earth. Their self-cultivated soil is enriched with their secret weapon “water chestnut charcoal”, even when it costs thousands per pound, a testament to their unwavering dedication to the environment and the well-being of the plants. “Every succulent sold is healthy, robust, and easy to care for, when customers gain a sense of accomplishment that brings me the greatest joy.” Despite the vast number of succulents, she remains intimately familiar with each one, whether it belongs to the cactus, sedum, agave, euphorbia, aloe, or lily family. Regardless of large to small, mature or seedling, whether in old pots or one-inch containers, there is something for everyone, satisfying the diverse needs of different customers.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


Quench your thirst and cool down with freshly squeezed cactus juice, indulge in DIY succulent potting, or craft aromatic stone diffusers —all popular agricultural tourism experiences where the fruits of your labor can be taken home at the end of the day.

Zhuang He Yi emphasizes her desire for every visitor to experience relaxation of both body and mind! Succulents offer healing properties, are low-maintenance, and make excellent gifts for oneself or others. Everyone is welcome to explore and connect at Yu He Xuan, experiencing the joy of succulent living and embarking on a journey of stress relief.


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+886- 952 996 000


No.28-2, Xincuozi
Danei Dist., Tainan City 742003
Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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