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Yuexiang Country

“The bitter tea trees here are all selected by the computer!!” A pole is erected beside the bitter tea tree, on top is a small solar panel sensor…

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“The bitter tea trees here are all selected by the computer!!” A pole is erected beside the bitter tea tree, on top is a small solar panel sensor which will calculate the amount of water stored under the tree. If it is found to be insufficient, the sensor will be activated and water will be sprayed. The efficient integration of artificial aid is of great help to soil and water conservation.

“Yuexiang Country” is located in Emei Township, Hsinchu County, which belongs to the leisure agricultural township. The Huguang Leisure Agricultural Area, Twelve Liao Trail, the world’s largest Maitreya Avenue, and other nearby locations are famous tourist attractions. The weather and terrain here are unique, and is quite suitable for the planting of bitter tea trees. In the past few years, it has been transformed into a profitable green industry. The contracted area of ​​community cooperation exceeds 30 hectares, and you cannot help but admire the persistence and patience of field manager Huang Shouren.


The farmers here formed a production and sales team, and worked together to raise funds to establish the “Chi Ke Shan Co., Ltd.” to promote the cultivation of bitter tea oil! Although only established for three years, it has already attracted five youngsters to return and work in their hometown.

Everything that is eaten or used here is related to bitter tea. From field management to processing, it can be considered the most economically valuable industry in Hsinchu Ermei Township today. The bitter tea oil here has obtained ISO-22000 and HACCP International food safety certification, with a verifiable production and sales history, organic agricultural product processing, halal certification, etc.

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Features of Agricultural Tourism


Bitter tea oil not only has the reputation of being the “Oriental olive oil”, but is also regarded as a good product for nourishment and diet therapy by the common folk. Tourists who visit can see the processing procedures on site for themselves.

To enable tourists to experience the benefits of bitter tea oil, there are exclusive flavored meals on site, as well as souvenirs such as bitter tea oil, tea oil ‘mee sua’, tea oil hand lotion, tea oil shampoo and other peripheral products. With an unsaturated fatty acid content even higher than olive oil (up to more than 80%), and a smooth and glycolic taste, it is highly recommended for people who often eat out and for the elderly.

The bitter tea oil sales production team has launched the bitter tea oil gift box, and combined with the local farmer’s specialty “Tankan Noodles”, “Oriental Beauty Tea Noodles”, constitutes a bitter tea specialty meal.

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Chu 49 Township Road, Emei Township, Hsinchu County



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