The fast disappearing Duanmu mushrooms stay hidden in the mountains
The ancient method is used to break through the predicament
Yunsong Farm

“Yunsong Farm” is located in the Yunlin Caoling Mountains at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level…

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“Yunsong Farm” is located in the Yunlin Caoling Mountains at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level. Row after row of wood segments enter the view, mushrooms in wood bring on the surprise, and what is truly unforgettable is the fragrant aroma. The owner, Chen Anbang, is a fourth-generation owner. Since he was a child, he has borne witness to all that is to see about this industry from his great-grandfather’s harvesting in the mountains and forests, to his grandfather’s professional mushroom farm, before he officially took over 8 years ago and made the brand his own. He adheres to the ancient methods of mushroom-planting, having to churn approximately 60 metric tons of maple wood segments 7-8 times a year, with annual produce volume between 180 – 720 kilograms. It is slow and meticulous work, but perfectly showcases the aroma of mushrooms and satisfies the tastebuds.


Chen Anbang says Duanmu mushrooms and black fungus are the delicacy of the mountains, occupying an important place in the memory of the older generation. No pesticides or nutrient liquid is used, the mushrooms thrive on the nutrients in the wood itself and the surroundings, a natural and organic planting method that is a centuries-old tradition. Large spawn bag mushrooms can be harvested in three months, but Growing mushrooms on logs only mature in ten months, and then baked with longan wood for a whole day and night. After baking, ten catties of fresh mushrooms are reduced to only one catty, making it more precious, more fragrant, and more nutritious. Chen Anbang says the mushrooms are chewy, and the flesh is thick, tender and delicious, those who taste it always come back for more. Regular customers praise the fact that Taiwanese mushrooms are comparable to Japanese flower mushrooms.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


“Yunsong Farm” is located near the Shibi Scenic Area. In addition to the experience of planting mushrooms, sealing with wax, and cultivating with fungi, as well as other ways of nurturing mushrooms, one can also engage in bamboo weaving, aiyu washing, and if you have the time, take a walk into nature to dig for bamboo shoots, and finally taste the DIY bamboo rice, koji kueh. Spend a leisurely day tasting mushrooms. But remember, appointments only!

Currently, there are as many as six related experience activities, including mushrooms, bamboo rice, koji, tea eggs, washing aiyu, and bamboo weaving, with the fee between NT$ 200 to NT$ 300. Have a cup of black fungus dew boiled for 5 hours to gain calcium and iron that helps clear the stomach. Souvenirs include Duanmu mushrooms, black fungus, alpine oolong tea, etc., which tourists can play, eat and buy, maintaining a steady stream of customers.

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No. 78, Shibi, Gukeng Township, Yunlin County



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