From the Mud to the Mouth, Exploring the Diverse Forms of Rice CHEN MANOR

“East Xuan Fang” is located on the provincial highway 9. Brother Qiu, the person-in-charge, worked in large retail companies for many years with many achievements, and is very knowledgeable on food marketing. He returned to his hometown of Guanshan, tugged by his childhood memories. It is the memories of running in the fields and learning the wisdom of the land by following the elders, which compelled Brother Qiu to spare no expenses in building “East Xuan Fang”. “A hometown you can no longer return to is only a memory.” Brother Qiu hopes that he will succeed in his efforts and prevent Guanshan from becoming a hometown that only exists in distant memory.

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The farmland of “East Xuan Fang” is located in the organic area of ​​Guanshan. No pesticides are used on the land, and self-made fertilizers are used to supplement soil fertility. The area is divided into the seedling planting area, fruit tree area, wild vegetable area and ecological pool. The seedling planting area is a small paddy field specially set up for the rice transplanting experience. The fruit tree area has imperial guavas that can be picked all year round. Visitors can experience transplanting rice, pounding rice, painting rice cakes, and picking fruits no matter when they visit, as long as they make an appointment seven days in advance.


In addition to the farmland experience area on the provincial highway 9, Brother Qiu cooperated with his uncle to operate a one-stop management of the rice production area from planting, processing, to sales. The details of field work are recorded, and a rice farming database has been compiled through data collection and field inspections over the years, allowing accurate and precise management of field work. In addition, soil fertility and flora ecology is maintained through scientific methods.

The rice is not sent to the rice mill after harvesting, instead the whole process is conducted in-house. The color sorter selects the rice, and the water inspection machine ensures the rice has equal water content, so as to provide consumers with good and consistent Guanshan rice.


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Features of Agricultural Tourism


Brother Qiu hopes that customers get to eat safe, suitable and fresh rice. The rice of “East Xuan Fang” wins praise from the head chef of the sushi restaurant. In addition to cooperating with restaurants, there are also a group of loyal long-term customers. Brother Qiu takes great care in understanding the needs of customers, such as their rice eating habits, physical condition, teach visitors about the characteristics of rice, clearly explain the nutritional information and cooking methods of rice, so that customers can cook and feast on good quality rice at home.

Brother Qiu created the East Xuan Fang brand and is committed to the six-level management of the rice industry, because he firmly believes that rice is not just a way to fill the stomach, but also a way for young people to find their path back to their hometown!

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No.172, Sec. 1, Zhongxing Rd.
Wujie Township, Yilan County 268038
Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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