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Dong Hai Lime Farm

“Dong Hai Lime Farm” is located in the Zhubei area of Hsinchu, and was established in 1992. Mr. Zeng Wenzeng, the owner, initially pursued a career in horticulture, boasting a pair of green fingers. Employing eco-friendly and non-toxic farming methods, he has been nurturing lime trees for over 30 years, earning him the moniker “Uncle Lime.” Encompassing approximately five hectares, the farm grows limes but also cultivates dragon fruit, pomelos, mangoes, grapes, and various other herbs and plants. The farm is also home to free roaming chickens, adding to its vibrant ambiance.

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The “Dong Hai Lime Farm” has an open area for visitors that spans about five hectares, with an additional area of the same size exclusively meant for lime cultivation. Due to limes’ sensitivity to wind, the owner employs South American pine as a wind barrier fence, complemented by dragon fruit, serving both as a deterrent against theft and for promoting fruitful harvests, killing two birds with one stone. The farm area boasts an array of fruits and plants, all nurtured by the skilled hands of Mr. Zeng Wenzeng. Although this area may seem modest, its diversity is exceptionally rich. Notably, there are two bee nests, one of them intentionally preserved by the owner as part of the tour. Be sure not to miss it.


The lime harvest season runs from June to October. The entire lime fruit is edible, but one drawback compared to lemons is that limes have a lower juice content, which has been one of the reasons for the limited cultivation of limes in Taiwan over many years.

Mr. Zeng makes lime juice from the surplus of limes, which he freezes to prolong its storage life. In addition, he has experimented with crafting batches of lime vinegar, which become more flavorful over time and command higher prices!

Features of Agricultural Tourism


The farm adopts non-toxic and eco-friendly natural farming methods, avoiding the use of pesticides. Free-roaming chickens contribute to a natural ecological balance and minimizing waste. Limes are freshly harvested for safe consumption. Visitors can relish fresh lime slices dipped in sugar which has an excellent flavor. Lime juice added to sparkling water also creates a delightful surprise. Crafting a jar of lime vinegar and allowing it to mature for a year before opening it at home, adds another dimension of flavor and epitomizes the essence of time.

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No.130, Sec. 2, Gang’an St.
Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302043
Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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