A Magical Experience Being Enveloped
by Greenhouses Overflowing with Cherry Tomatoes
Dou MaMa Farm

“Dou MaMa Farm” greets visitors with no signboards, just a pear-shaped mascot Lu Shumin, affectionately known as “Dou MaMa,” who embodies the spirit of this farm, the first farm in Zhuolan open for fruit-picking.

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Stepping into the greenhouse during cherry tomato season at “Dou MaMa Farm” is akin to walking onto a movie set. The robust cherry tomatoes adorning the arched frames are ripe for the picking, allowing visitors to pick and take pictures simultaneously to their heart’s content, indulging in the concept of “eating with the camera”


This greenhouse is the first of its kind in Zhuolan, primarily focusing on the improved variety of cherry tomatoes known as “Oriental Beauty,” an evolved version of the original cherry tomatoes. Dou MaMa explains that the original variety tended to be overly moist, lacked suppleness, and had a high frequency of cracking, which deeply troubled her. “Oriental Beauty,” with its lower water content, firmer texture, and superior flavor profile, emerged as the predominant cultivar. Furthermore, its enhanced resilience to weather and reduced propensity for cracking solidify its status as the flagship crop.

The same goes for pear cultivation. The meticulously arranged rows of pear orchards, managed over the course of 30 years, have evolved into ideal picking environments.

Reflecting on her journey, Lu Shumin, aka “Dou MaMa,” recalls taking over pear cultivation from her father-in-law four decades ago. Initially a full-time fruit farmer, her entrepreneurial spirit led her to pioneer the concept of open fruit-picking farms in Zhuolan over 30 years ago, a visionary move that was groundbreaking at the time.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


Even when pears and tomatoes are not in season, there are other crops to explore here, such as large cucumbers which are surprisingly weighty when picked. There is also an area dedicated to cultivating ginseng and Polygonum multiflorum. Dou MaMa demonstrates how to “beat” Polygonum multiflorum with a stick and scissors, loosening the organic soil in the bag to make it easier to dig out the ginseng and Polygonum multiflorum roots. Perhaps due to the high stress levels of modern urban life, whacking a stick turns out to be a pleasing activity that not only relieves stress but also ensures a bountiful harvest.

Inside the DIY classroom, under the guidance of the instructors, visitors knead and roll dough to create uniquely shaped Hakka Crystal Dumplings through a step by step process. Alternatively, they can unleash their imagination to create distinctive designs. Cooked in boiling water, these Hakka crystal triangular balls with tender skin and succulent fillings are always gobbled up in no time.

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+886- 0937 245 332


No.100-1, 9th Neighborhood, Xiping
Zhuolan Township, Miaoli County 369002
Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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