main essential oil is cinnamon.


The creation of the “Fan Zhang Yuan” essential oil brand is a story of rebirth after disaster. After Xiaohua’s father retired, he turned the orchard into a camphor forest. In the first year that Xiaohua returned home, typhoon Nepartak struck Taitung, knocking down nearly 90% of the camphor trees. Xiaohua was at a loss as to what to do with the cinnamons all over the ground. After making inquiries, it was decided to extract the cinnamon and make essential oil. That was how “Fan Zhang Yuan” essential oil brand started.


Walking into the farm, you walk into a layered and abundant greenery. There are towering camphor trees, Australian tea trees…, even the bananas are two-story high! The papaya tree, which is not intentionally dwarfed, bears plentiful fruit. Southeast Asian curry trees are planted on one side, the cocoa trees next to the wall bear red or green fruits, different varieties of cocoa. Closer to the soil there are wormwood, mint, lemon verbena and other herb varieties, and these are only a small portion of the farm.

In the organic forest, after enjoying a baptism of scent and sight, collect crops by hand, bring them back to the indoor experience space, and carry out distillation and extraction, make specialty essential oil balm, wood art and other products. Tourists can bring home hydrosols, balms, and handmade products containing essential oil.

“Fan Zhang Yuan’s” main essential oil is cinnamon. In addition to the common mint, lemongrass, and tea tree, there are also many special aromas, such as mountain incense, earthy cinnamon, and curry leaves. Essential oil items are plentiful and made with organic materials, which is rare in the market. The effort used to produce high-quality essential oils aims to segment the market to produce high-purity, high-quality local essential oils from Taiwan made from pure organic raw materials.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


In addition to building an organic farm and establishing a process of making essential oil, Xiao Hua also devoted himself to studying aromatherapy and successfully got certified. Launching affordable agricultural tour experiences helps spread the knowledge of aromatherapy. Tourists walk into the organic farm, get close to the herbs, feel the intimate charm of fragrance, and get to know the process of essential oil extraction, thereby understand the value of essential oil.

Xiaohua and family embarked on the road of establishing a local organic essential oil brand in Taiwan, facing difficulties all along the way. Xiaohua laughs when talking about his days rebuilding after the typhoon, nothing else seems difficult in life!


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