Test your rice IQ and create exquisite handcrafts Ha Ga Mi Shang Hao

“Ha Ga Mi Shang Hao” is a beautifully designed shipping container house located on a rural country road without any signage.

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In the 1960s, Mr. Wu Shengchang, the owner of “Ha Ga Mi Shang Hao,” worked as a farmer and a blacksmith here to support a family of eight children. He has since been farming for over 50 years. Mr. Wu and his wife established “Ha Ga Mi Shang Hao” and set up direct sales from the source via the internet. They also have a passion for floral and gardening, which they have pursued to the extreme, expanding the farm’s business into more diverse avenues.


Mr. Wu Shengchang said that farming was very hard work in the early days, coupled with unstable prices and uncertain harvests. His father had to work as both a farmer and a blacksmith to support the family, leaving his older siblings to seek work elsewhere. As the youngest in the family, when Mr. Wu grew up, farming was no longer seen as a difficult task. Reports of urban youths returning to farming in rural areas were becoming more common, and with internet marketing and the promotion of organic and healthy farming practices, farming became fashionable. That is why Mr. Wu stayed in the countryside and worked with his wife to continue his father’s farm work. “Ha Ga Mi Shang Hao” was founded in November 2009, and their rice product was named “Ha Ga Mi” (Hakka rice), honoring the diligence and perseverance of the Hakka people.

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Features of Agricultural Tourism


Studying horticulture and landscape design, he cultivated green fingers and appreciation of beauty. His wife is also passionate about floral artistry. They thoroughly enjoy rural life and hope to welcome more people to “Ha Ga Mi Shang Hao,” to learn more about rice and foster a love for healthy, natural living in the countryside.

In addition to farming, the owners of the shop are professional experts in gardening and floral artistry. Under their guidance, visitors can paint flower vases, straw hats, or create exquisite artworks using rice and preserved flowers. They can also weave blessing ornaments using rice stalks. Visitors of all ages can enjoy making Hakka mochi with their energetic and stress-relieving “Yutou Daodao” activity, which is both tasty and fun. Depending on the age group, “Ha Ga Mi Shang Hao” can tailor a set of activities to ensure all visitors get a fulfilling experience.

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+886-0989 288 082


No.60, Ln. 66, Sec. 2, Sichuan Rd.
Taitung City, Taitung County 950024
Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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