Guava that absorbs energy of the sun JINGCIN LEISURE FARM

“Jingcin Leisure Farm” is a guava-themed farm. The owner of the farm, Zheng Junda, also known as “Brother Da”, grows about 12 different guava varieties in the orchard.

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The owner of the farm, Zheng Junda, was originally in the film, drama and photography industry. Since Xizhou is not far from Shetou which is famous for guava, and has similar climate and soil conditions, he decided to grow guava. Husband and wife knew nothing about guava. At the beginning, they only planted 200 guava trees on 3000 sqm of land. Armed with a tireless and diligent spirit, they went to Zhongxing University and attended classes at the Agricultural Experiment Institute, and also sought advice from anyone they could. This unwavering enthusiasm has finally transformed the layman into a professional expert on guavas.


Brother Da said that at the beginning the harvested guavas were taken to the wholesale market, but the price was often low, so he tried selling guavas everywhere, and eventually set up a counter selling guavas at the Taiwan Sugar Association. The planting area went from 3000sqm to a 1-hectare piece of land with nearly 1,000 guava over 10 years, all of which are cultivated with grass, and have production and sales certification and passed SGS verification. The guava leaf black rice tea produced here has also been selected as a Council of Agriculture’s Top 100 Item.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


Brother Da proclaims with pride, “Our family has the largest variety of guavas.” Brother Da introduces the pearl, emperor, and rouge guavas, as well as crystal, honey, ruby, gold, purple yam, honey, strawberry, banyan, watermelon and a total of 10 different varieties. Da-sao puts all the guava slices in a box, where all the colors create an eye-catching sight.

The guava grown by Brother Da has an alluringly sweet and crisp taste. In addition to fresh guava, there are also dried guava and guava jam, guava brown rice tea, natural guava juice and guava jelly flavored with maltose. These are all not-to-be-missed gifts for visitors to the orchard.

“Jingcin Leisure Farm” visitor reservation includes tickets for guided introductions before fruit picking, fresh fruit and food product tasting, guava juice, DIY and farming experience activities, and more. In addition to fruit picking, tourists can partake in the guava swinging competition, where winners get prizes and certificates from the farm, bringing great joy to the tour.


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No. 18, Dingyanwan, Beinan Township, Taitung County 954030 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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