Culinary Journey of the Pirates Xianghe Recreation Fish Farm

Xianghe Recreation Fish Farm

Xianghe Leisure Fishing Farm used to be a fish farm, located near the entrance of the Aogu Wetland Forest Park. After 10 years of refurbishment, it has currently obtained the "Environmental Education Facility" certification. In addition to being a good locale to learn about the Aogu Wetlands and fish farming, the farm is also based on the story of the pirate "Cai Qian" who was active in the coastal areas of Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong and the Taiwan Strait in the early years. The theme of the farm is the "Cai Qian Pirate Village", and interesting experiences such as pirate ships can be found on the farm. A rural kitchen was launched in 2020, making it a base of leisure and recreation in the Aogu Wetland.

A Journey for the culinary dishes of the pirates

Cai Gong He

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Learn Local Dishes in Rural Village, Recognize the Taste of Taiwan!

Visitors gather in a culinary classroom that resembles a pirate ship, and the pirate chef will teach everyone how to bake Taiwan sea bream with salt, cook a bowl of prawn soup, and make "fresh oyster rice bowl". A small bowl of fried rice is filled with dozens of fat oysters where one can taste the local ingredients of Dongshi in each mouthful. Each bite encompasses the fresh taste and story of the ingredients, each mouthful brings on the hardship and joy of a pirate, leaving one with nothing but a smile.
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No. 67-6, Sihgu, Dongshi Township, Chiayi County


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