Zhuo Ye’s Indigo Dyeing Kitchen Zhuo Ye Cottage

Zhuo Ye Cottage

Perhaps you ever heard someone bought a woody mountain for milk. But I bet you never heard someone bought a woody mountain just for an owl. This is our dream home. We are one of few cottages in Taiwan who gives DIY courses of hand dyed fabrics. Together with the only guesthouse island-wide that features its barn style, you will have an unforgettable in-depth stay. The restaurant serves menu-free creative cuisines and was elected by Taiwan Websites one of top-10 characteristic landscape restaurants. The in-house vegetable farm is really healthful and nourishing. Those who desire for healthful and LOHAS life must spend one night with us in Zhuo Ye Cottage.

From farm to table, retrieving the initial moving sentiment of the dishes.


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Learn Local Dishes in Rural Village, Recognize the Taste of Taiwan!​

Slow down your pace and walk into the cittaslow – Sanyi, visit Zhuo Ye Cottage and search for the primary natural color.
This is an experience program that integrates environmental education into cuisine: a natural dye plant can be used to dye cloths and make dishes. To learn more about eco-friendly cultivation method, establish the diet concept of local production and marketing, natural processing and green food cooking during the process while listening to guiding interpretation and doing it yourself. The trip which possesses the extreme meaning of education is an eco-tour that allows both adults and children to enjoy fully the culture and environment of the area.

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No. 1-9, Bongshanxia, Shuangtan Village, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County


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