Micro-fermentation Kitchen Cang Jiu Winery

Cang Jiu Winery

CangJiu Brewery founded 14 years ago. The brewery owner uses golden jujube on the mountains and uses fermentation to create a series of specialty wines, giving all visitors a chance to taste the flavor of time. After 14 years the philosophy remains unchanged: to establish a micro-fermentation kitchen, and offer this hand-made piece of wonderment to any who come visit. Fermenting a Smile~

The magic of fermentation, the delicacy of time!


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Learn Local Dishes in Rural Village, Recognize the Taste of Taiwan!

Fermentation is a part of life in Taiwan. Vinegar, Soy sauce, bean sauce, tea, coffee, wine, bread … they all come from fermentation. CangJiu Brewery now has a micro-fermentation kitchen to show everyone the wonders of fermentation. Ingredients, Territory, and Cooking style are the three key elements of flavor, while the fermentation process of microorganisms make food even more delicious, healthy, and easier to store. That process of ‘bubblification’ really elevates food to the next level! Fermented food have long been ingrained in our diet, if we understand the basis, we can eat healthier and more flavorful! CangJiu Brewery’s micro-fermentation kitchen andcellar has pulled the veil on the use of sweet wine, rice liquor, and salt koji, along with herbs and fruits from the orchard to make kombucha and wine products, which when paired with the herbs found in the palatable landscape, create a taste of fermentation splendor and wonderment.
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No. 126-50, Gengsin Rd., Toucheng Township, Yilan County

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