Meiling Jujube Orchard for leisure fruit picking Jujubes are here

The name “Jujubes Are Here” carries the dual connotation of “finding the orchard” and “jujubes ripening.” The area covers 7 acres of land and features a transparent mesh orchard, with amenities such as seats and swings beneath the fruit trees. Lin Junshan strictly controls the use of pesticides and refrains from using herbicides. Visitors can pick jujubes directly from the trees, wash off the dirt, and savor them on the spot. It’s a fruit-picking paradise suitable for the whole family

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More than 20 years ago, Lin Junshan made the decision to leave the military and moved his family back to Nansi after his father fell ill. Initially, he took over the elder generation’s practice of delivering fruits, but the income was insufficient, and he had to supplement his income by tending a chicken farm in the evenings to make ends meet for living expenses and his children’s education. He was barely able to support his family. In an effort to improve their livelihood, Lin’s wife took over management of the orchard during the day while he drove a limo service and worked as a farmer at night. Even when his wife was eight months pregnant, she continued to work in the farms, enduring a difficult period before making it through the hard times.


For the sake of environment, Lin Junshan clears weed manually so as to reduce the use of chemicals, which in turn prevents soil acidification. Additionally, he supplements the soil with a mixture of milk, eggs, bran, Yakult, and milk fertilizer fermented for 3 to 4 months to improve soil quality and promote healthier plant growth. Lin Junshan emphasizes that choosing the right variety is only the first step; the amount of watering is crucial and must be adjusted based on factors such as temperature and humidity, so as to produce jujubes that are both crunchy and sweet.

Jujubes require meticulous care as they are susceptible to various pests and diseases.  Minimizing pesticide use comes at the expense of fruit appearances. “Jujubes Are Here” doesn’t aim for size or lush greenery to attract customers, but instead focuses on offering jujubes with a crunchy, sweet taste. Although the jujubes here are smaller, and their skin is not as smooth and bright green as higher-grade varieties, yet loyal customers continue to seek them out year after year.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


plum blossoms in Meiling from January to March each year, and a constant stream of visitors appear at this time. “Jujubes are Here – Meiling Jujube Orchard Leisure Picking Area” has become a popular winter tourist destination in Nanxi Township, known for its jujubes irrigated with fresh milk, which results in their exceptional sweetness and crunchiness.

In addition to jujubes, “Jujubes Are Here” also cultivates two varieties of guava- red heart and pearl. Jujubes are available for picking from January to March, and guavas are available from February to March and again from October to November. During non-harvest seasons, the orchard offers guided tours and DIY courses for groups, but reservations are required in advance.

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+886- 918 636 380


No.315-26, Jiaba Rd.
Nanxi Dist., Tainan City 715002
Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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