Tainong No. 66 Sweet Potato, Most Suited for Jinshan Geology Won Won Sweet Potato Farm
Won Won Sweet Potato Farm

“Won Won Sweet Potato Farm,” previously known as “Wang Wang Sweet Potato Farm,” has been tended to by the Lai family for three generations. Planting commences in early spring, and harvesting occurs from July through to end of November. Since sweet potatoes are directly purchased by wholesalers at relatively low prices, the farm opens its doors to visitors during the harvest season and supplements its income through online marketing.

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During the bustling farming season, many families partake in the digging of sweet potatoes, with the majority of them having childhood experiences of frolicking in the fields themselves. Due to popular demand, the farm has devised activities such as field kiln experiences, which have garnered acclaim and even been featured in newspapers and magazines. The soil in the Jinshan area consists of volcanic rock, boasting excellent drainage and rendering it particularly conducive to the cultivation of Tainong 66 red sweet potatoes.


Lai Jia Long, the person in charge of “Won Won Sweet Potato Farm,” recounts the hardships his parents endured in cultivating sweet potatoes during periods of unfavorable prices. He and his siblings worked away from home for some time, but gradually returned home to lend a hand. Through direct online sales and newspaper advertising, and armed with an understanding of visitor needs, “Won Won Sweet Potato Farm” has continued to thrive. They have even established a sweet potato industry museum in the city, where visitors can procure a plethora of sweet potato-derived products. Now that their mother is advanced in years, the reins of management have been passed on to the third generation of the Lai family. Through the concerted efforts of the entire family, “Won Won Sweet Potato Farm” has garnered a reputation far and wide.



Many elementary schools and kindergartens visit “Won Won Sweet Potato Farm” for out-of-school education because it’s so much fun, and they often go on to bring their parents along on weekends. Digging sweet potatoes and experiencing field kilns are rare activities for urban children nowadays, but they are cherished childhood memories for their parents. It’s common to see adults having more fun in being engrossed in digging sweet potatoes and using field kilns than the children.

Agriculture education is not neglected in the midst of all the delicacies and play. Do you know when sweet potatoes were introduced to Taiwan? Where are sweet potatoes originally from? How many varieties of sweet potatoes are commonly found in Taiwan? Besides sweet potatoes, what other fruits and vegetables have names starting with “sweet”? A series of questions with attractive prizes result in active participation from both adults and children. Food, play, and the imparting of sweet potato knowledge, this is undoubtedly the greatest reward for visiting “Won Won Sweet Potato Farm.”

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No.74, Jinshan Dist., New Taipei City 208, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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